Holiday Camps

Gift School Summer Camp

Registrations now open!
For children aged 3 to 10
July 1st – August 2nd, 2024
Each week a new theme!
For more information please contact 07 67 55 26 44 or .

Gift Wednesdays

Gift Wednesdays

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For children aged 3 to 10
Every Wednesday year-round (except during school holidays)
For more information please contact 07 67 55 26 44 or .

Eco Awareness

Cultivating a Relationship with Nature

The Gift School is devoted to teaching children to connect with Mother Nature as part of their daily routine. All four classes go on a monthly hike in the forest. Supported by the local ONF as well as by the national French association Teragir, the Gift School undertakes projects year round to develop environment consciousness, including tree planting, vegetable gardens, composting, recycling, the use of dry toilets, and more.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the Gift School team, a team of caring and experienced teachers and assistants, dedicated to holistic education and providing a loving school environment in which all children can thrive.

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A Bilingual, Innovative and Eco-Friendly School in Ventabren

The Gift School is a private, independent and non-religious preschool and primary school.

The Gift School welcomes children from the age of 2 years old. Multiple teaching methods, including but not limited to Montessori, are the inspiration behind the Gift School’s mission in education.

The Gift School is a school which respects the developmental needs of each child individually, thereby encouraging independent thinking and building self-confidence so that each child can reach his or her full potential. Children also learn the benefits of working together through teamwork and cooperation which are emphasized in the school’s programs.

Non-violence and respect are key values in the Gift School’s approach to education. The Gift School endeavors to instill in each child the necessary tools to experience life to the fullest. We believe that these tools go far beyond the realm of academic programs and must include learning mindfulness, self-esteem and tolerance.

To join the Gift School’s community of families and staff is to join a team of people dedicated to the principals of mindfulness, listening and sharing.

The Gift School’s methods rely on six fundamental principles:

  1. Organic learning: teachers adapt to the rhythm and needs of each child
  2. Self-confidence: Learn to know yourself and to make choices in accordance with who you are and what your strengths are
  3. Non-violent communication: a fundamental tool for interacting with others
  4. Well-being: demonstrate empathy, tolerance and respect to yourself and to others
  5. Choose cooperation over competition
  6. Choose dialogue and understanding, over punishment

The Gift School faculty is dedicated to supporting children and leading them down a path of self-fulfillment and self-confidence, while at the same time valuing their uniqueness.

Our Values

Innovative Teaching

The Gift School is proud to participate in the movement to create a global education revolution. Drawing inspiration from mutilplie alternative teaching methods, the Gift School aims to inspire in children a love of learning as they grow and engage in paths of greater knowledge.

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Bilingual Learning Environment

Resolutely open to the world, and also as a reflection of the reality of our world today, the Gift School offers a French-English bilingual learning environment to not only support proficiency in second languages but also to promote respect for diversity.

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Environmental Awareness

The Gift School teaches children to become the eco-citizens of tomorrow, to be capable of making sustainable choices when it comes to their environment, society and economy.
Mother Nature is a privileged partner of the Gift School.

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Our Classes

The Gift School has 4 classes, each with a limited number of students to ensure personalized attention and an optimal learning environment.

3-4 year olds:
Learning to be myself

The Gift School preschool children are immersed in a positive and caring environment. The learning environment is Montessori-based and bilingual. Two head teachers lead the class, two days in English with Taya and two days in French with Morgane. Katia, bilingual assistant, is present all four days of the school week. At this age, Gift School children are learning to develop awareness of others and the sense of being a part of a group, in which each child can make a contribution.

3-4-5 year olds:
Learning to do it by myself

This Montessori-based class focuses on sensorial development. Children are free to choose from a selection of activities which are adapted to their needs as they learn to express themselves both orally and in writing and as they discover the world and the use of numbers. Two head teachers lead the class, two days in English with Taya and two days in French with Léa. Meriem, bilingual assistant, is present all four days of the school week. Together, they provide the caring, stimulating and positive environment that children this age thrive on.

6-10 year olds: French classroom
Learning about the world

Emmanuelle, an experienced and caring teacher, ensures the individualization of each child’s French curriculum. Children receive her full support, and talents and difficulties are always taken into account. Gradually, Montessori material is replaced by more project-based work. Children are more motivated to learn when they are interested and when it “makes sense” to them, in their everyday lives. History, Math and the French language are subjects taught in the French classroom. All elementary children spend two days a week in French class with Emmanuelle.

6-10 year olds: English Classroom
Learning my place in the world

Frances and Carolyn are our school’s English elementary teachers. Their respective experience, charisma, and caring attitude enable an innovative approach to learning English (and in English). They adapt to each child’s level and work hard to not only advance beginners, but also native English speakers in their class. Students spend two days each week in the English class to promote language learning through immersion. Science, Art, Geography, Sports, Music and the English language are subjects which the children work on in the English classroom.

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