Environmental Awareness

“We do not inherit the earth from our fathers; we borrow it from our children.”
Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Because it is our duty, both as families and as a school, to help children develop their environmental awareness, a strong link is made and encouraged with nature. Every year the children build a vegetable garden together. They learn about recycling and composting and they are made aware of the dangers of plastic and the need to limit disposable waste to zero.

As individuals, the Gift School faculty is also very close to nature and therefore share with the children values which they themselves are familiar with and carry between school and home.

Respect for the environment, the planet Earth and its animals, leads to self-respect. In school, children are encouraged to develop self-awareness and love through mindfulness and healthy living. The Gift School also works with a chef who prepares locally-sourced vegetarian and organic meals for those children who order their (optional) lunches every day.