The Gift School was first a private Provençal home before becoming the inspiring educational institution it is today. Founder Karine Ravel’s vision of a nurturing environment for learning and growing was brought to life, also thanks to the support and care of the original homeowner who continues to play a role today in the school’s journey.

The main building space and its three classrooms spans over 250 square meters, and an annex building was transformed into another spacious and sun-drenched classroom.

The school is very fortunate to have a playground of over 2000 square meters, located just on the edge of the forest, providing an exceptional natural setting… with plenty of trees to climb safely!

There is also a large multipurpose room on the ground floor, reserved for morning arrivals, evening daycare, school gatherings, and afternoon naps for the younger ones.

A big heartfelt thank you to ©Alexandra Murcia for the first 24 photos shown in our gallery below.

Pre-Kindergarten Class #1