The Gift School Charter

The Gift School is a private, independent and non-religious preschool and primary school.

The Gift School welcomes children from the age of 3 years old. Multiple teaching methods, including but not limited to Montessori, are the inspiration behind the Gift School’s mission in education.

The Gift School is a school which respects the developmental needs of each child individually, thereby encouraging independent thinking and building self-confidence so that each child can reach his or her full potential. Children also learn the benefits of working together through teamwork and cooperation which are emphasized in the school’s programs.

Non-violence and respect are key values in the Gift School’s approach to education. The Gift School endeavors to instill in each child the necessary tools to experience life to the fullest. We believe that these tools go far beyond the realm of academic programs and must include learning mindfulness, self-esteem and tolerance.

To join the Gift School’s community of families and staff is to join a team of people dedicated to the principals of mindfulness, listening and sharing.

The Gift School’s methods rely on six fundamental principles:

  1. Organic learning: teachers adapt to the rhythm and needs of each child
  2. Self-confidence: Learn to know yourself and to make choices in accordance with who you are and what your strengths are
  3. Non-violent communication: a fundamental tool for interacting with others
  4. Well-being: demonstrate empathy, tolerance and respect to yourself and to others
  5. Choose cooperation over competition
  6. Choose dialogue and understanding, over punishment

The Gift School faculty is dedicated to supporting children and leading them down a path of self-fulfillment and self-confidence, while at the same time valuing their uniqueness.

Any action showing disrespect towards one’s self, towards others, or towards the environment, is considered unacceptable by all members of the Gift School team and community.