At the Gift School, parents can either provide lunches from home for their children, or they can reserve hot meals made by local chef Sophie Lecompte, who provides organic locally sourced meals every day.

These hot lunches are not included in school tuition (€7.20 per meal).

In short, there are two lunch options to choose from:

  1. Lunch from home brought in a thermal container
  2. Vegetarian lunch ordered from our chef Sophie

Families can reserve the number of meals per week that they desire. Lunch reservations (which are made through our administrative platform, École Futée) can be modified up to 7 days before the scheduled meal day.

Morning and afternoon snacks

Morning and afternoon snacks are offered by the school and included in the school tuition.

In line with nutritional recommendations and environment consciousness, snacks are 100% organic and sourced locally. Fruit is served every morning for snack time, and the afternoon snack consists of fresh organic country bread made by our baker Thierry Coupas, and served with jam or honey.

FAQ: Why did we choose a vegetarian lunch service?

Today it is common knowledge that the way we eat has an impact on our planet. In choosing a vegetarian lunch option, we choose to not contribute to industrial livestock farming, thereby reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to the fight against climate change.

To take the subject one step further: We believe that we cannot teach children to respect Life in all its forms, while serving them meat that comes from intensive animal farming in contradiction with our ethical values and commitment to animal welfare.

A parent is responsible for choosing the religion that is practiced (or not) in their home, for choosing their children’s extracurricular activities, a family doctor, the values and beliefs they wish to transmit to their children…. Similarly, we believe that parents are also responsible for deciding what type of meat their child will or will not eat, taking into account their own convictions, dietary preferences, and ethical choices. In today’s world, and in light of growing environmental challenges, we consider this to be a highly personal choice that falls within the parental responsibility of ensuring their children’s health and well-being.

The Gift School does not advocate for any specific dietary conviction, if not only for that of being respectful towards all forms of Life. We support all choices as long as they are made mindfully, and with respect for our environment.

For our paid school lunch service, we have chosen a high-quality vegetarian lunch option through our collaboration with Sophie Lecompte. It is important to understand, however, that this lunch service is entirely optional and families are always free to have their children bring lunch from home.