Morning and afternoon snacks are offered by the school and included in the school tuition.

In line with nutritional recommendations and environment consciousness, snacks are 100% organic and sourced locally. Morning snacks are fruit and afternoon snacks are brioche, biscuits or cakes.

Parents can either provide lunches for their children, or they can reserve hot meals sourced by a local chef with whom the school works, who provides organic locally sourced meals every day. These hot lunches are not included in school tuition (€7 per lunch).

School polo and slippers

We are a “slipper-friendly” school and we ask that both children and adults refrain from wearing their outdoor shoes, inside the school.


As a matter of respect for our school, for keeping it clean, for protecting the wooden floors… wearing slippers indoors is our way of taking care of our beloved school.

But also … to feel a bit like we’re at home!

Gift School children wear a school polo.


When children arrive at school wearing a school polo, this helps them make an easy transition into a learning environment that is naturally distinct from their home environment.

The school polo also helps children feel a sense of belonging to a group and allows them to be part of a larger “family” – a school community which is so important to their feeling secure at this young age.

School polos are strongly recommended but not mandatory.