Bilingual Learning Environment

Most of the world’s children today are multilingual (60%). Multiple languages open a gateway for children to experience new cultures, thereby allowing them to better understand themselves and their own identity.

The Gift School offers a French-English bilingual learning environment in which children benefit from a total immersion in each language, with 50% of their class time dedicated to each language.

Every student at the Gift School has two teachers: one English teacher and one French teacher. Children are therefore immersed in a French language environment 2 days each week and in an English language environment for the other 2 days.

Both maternelle classes also have a bilingual assistant.

At the elementary level, and following the recommendations of experts in the field of bilingual childhood, we organized two separate classrooms: one English classroom and one French classroom.

At the Gift School, learning a second language is not a set objective in and of itself, but rather a tool which the children learn to use over time, and which is used to facilitate communication. They use this tool when communicating with fellow classmates of different nationalities and mother tongues, and they also naturally use it beyond the school setting during encounters with other cultures, both locally and internationally.

The Gift School is a partner of the Be-Rise association, presided over by Dr. Franck Scola, author of “Comprendre et Accompagner l’Enfance Bilingue” (Understanding and Nurturing a Bilingual Childhood).