The Gift School opened in 2019 with two multi-age classes: one for 2-4 year olds and one for 5-7 year olds. These age definitions are not set in stone however since the Gift School adapts its structure to the needs of each child. Above all, a child’s emotional, physical and cognitive needs are the basis for determining which class a child will be in.

Each class has one head teacher and a maximum of 16 pupils. The younger classes have assistants whenever necessary.

Classes are taught in French and in English. The older children have their days split in two, with mornings in French and afternoons in English. The younger classes benefit from the presence of a native English-speaking assistant in the mornings and they also have activities in English in the afternoons.

The Gift School accompanies children as they learn to manage emotions and their ability to concentrate. Each week a sophrologist comes to the school to do sessions with the children. In addition, yoga and mindfulness are taught on a daily basis to help pupils develop their capacity to concentrate.

Nature is an essential element of the Gift School’s pedagogical project. Whenever possible, teachers organize class or activities outdoors, as close to nature as possible.

Each child progresses at his or her own rhythm, which means that there is no limit to how far the child can go. Teachers are here to guide and accompany with respect for the child’s interests as well as in keeping with the French National Educational Program.